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Byte25 Lets You Regain Control

Byte25 is a complete network monitoring solution providing scalable IT visibility and security monitoring for organisations ranging from SME’s through to large enterprise. Byte25 delivers deep insight into network performance and cyber security incidents to help you regain control of your network ensuring consistent user experience and security.

Byte25 understands the importance of resolving network and security issues fast. You need more intuitive, lower cost solutions that require less effort to get to the root cause of problems. As more technologies, like SDWAN and multi-cloud services, are thrown at your business – you increasingly need wide visibility of all every piece of traffic traversing the network.

Byte25 is offered as either a fully managed cloud based solution or dedicated on-premise implementation providing total flexibility irrespective of your organisation size or network topology. Contact Byte25 to see how you can regain control of your network today …


Byte25 works continuously to identify issues and threats in your IT infrastructure. The intuitive dashboard allows you to see what your users are doing, what applications are in use and what malicious activity is occurring.


When issues occur you need tools to be able to determine what is happening. Byte25 is the perfect platform for diagnosing network issues. Real time and historical data is available with quick and easy drill-downs to zero in from a high level view right down to individual flows.  


Cyber security is an increasing and dynamic challenge for organisations today. The ability to identify threats, malicious activity and anomalous events is critical in securing your IT infrastructure. Byte25 delivers the visibility to improve your cyber security posture.   

A Quick Overview for the TL;DR Types

Byte25 keeps an eye on your network so that you can get on with business. Byte25 appliances installed on your site continuously collect data about your IT infrastructure and send it to the Byte25 cloud servers for correlation and analysis. Simply login to the Byte25 cloud platform to access a comprehensive set of reporting dashboards pertinent to your network.

Without wanting to bore you with immense detail of just how great the Byte25 network performance monitoring solution is (which of course we are always happy to do), the Byte 25 performance and security monitoring solution can be summed up with the following four tenets:

  • Best of Breed Visual Analytics, proactive alerts and dynamic traffic flows integrated into a user-friendly dashboard, with easy drill downs to traverse from high level topology view to the fundamental source of the problem.
  • Scalability, the ability to monitor very small or even home telecommuter sites right through to large enterprise scale distributed deployment. All appliances share the same features so whether you are large or small, there is a Byte25 solution to support your business. 
  • Completeness. Byte25 uses a flow based deep packet inspection engine capable of collecting data from almost any network. Sophisticated data analytics correlates threat data and anomalous traffic with network performance data to deliver meaningful information for both network and security operations. 
  • Multiple Featured- Lowest Price. We understand price point is always important. In fact, we cannot understand why our competitors provide complicated and expensive solutions. We price according to the requirement, and always to fit into budgets.

How Does it Work?

Network monitoring and security visibility shouldn’t be difficult, but a quick look around the web at organisations shows a wide range of confusing offerings peppered with jargon and technical buzzwords which can quickly overwhelm even the most seasoned of IT professionals, not to mention business people who are… well, just trying to run a business. 

At Byte25, we have designed a network performance monitoring and cyber security visibility solution that is both simple and comprehensive, that is, simple to install yet comprehensive in the functionality and benefit to your business.  In the simplest form there are 2 components, an appliance which isn installed on site and collects statistical information and continuously listens out for malicious activity, and a web based reporting dashboard living in the cloud that presents the information in a clear and concise format.

There are various appliances to suit the needs of any organisation a Raspberry Pi based IoT style device for home users of small branch offices right through to large multi Gigabit per second capable appliances for enterprise or campus deployment. Irrespective of the size of appliance, the features are the same. The appliance either sits inline or connected to a switch SPAN port such that it can see all traffic entering or exiting the network. In this fashion we can collect very granular statistical information for performance as well as monitor for malicious activity or cyber security threats. 

All information is sent to the central cloud based reporting server for analysis and presentation. Simply log in to your account on the Byte25 cloud based server to view you gauge what your users are experiencing or assess your current cyber security posture.


A Range of Appliances for Every Requirement

Byte25 offers a range of hardware appliances to cater for the needs of very small organisations (or even home telecommuters) right through to large distributed enterprise networks:

Byte25 Branch

A small footprint device designed for use with Byte25 Cloud platform designed specifically for small organisations of home telecommuters.

Byte25 Corporate

A medium sized appliance designed for medium sized organisations of regional office The Byte25 Corporate appliance can be installed inline with fail closed functionality for full redundancy.

Byte25 Enterprise

A high performing multi port appliance designed specifically for enterprise or large campus site monitoring.

Byte25 Pricing

The Byte25 network monitoring solution is typically delivered as a subscription based software as a  service (SaaS). That is, a monthly fee where we maintain the server and take care of housekeeping on you appliances and data. This model makes installation and ongoing maintenance a breeze as we take care of all the heavy lifting associated with maintenance s well as ensuring the latest release and features are installed. We also offer a fully on premise solution for organisations that have specific requirements, please feel free to contact us for pricing and options for an on premise deployment.

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