Complete Network Observability

See how Byte25 can identify WiFi issues across you entire network …


Supporting WiFi for work from home users continues to be one of the major challenges facing IT providers and MSPs. When remote workers connect to company services from home, network administrators lose the visibility they depend on to maintain excellent user experience.

Such WiFi issues are not restricted to work from home users. Corporate offices often experience similar issues. By way of example, I work in a corporate environment with a fully meshed WiFi system with excellent Internet bandwidth – and whilst my nearest colleague is only a few metres away, I often experience WiFi quality issues with my laptop consistently toggling between access points whilst he seems to be consistently fine.

Byte25 address this problem by providing whole of network WiFi visibility. The lightweight Byte25 Endpoint Agent continuously collects WiFi quality information and delivers data to the Byte25 SaaS platform for both real-time and historical reporting. Such data allows network administrators to drill down from a ‘whole of network’ view right down to a detailed picture of specific WiFi metrics on individual machines independent of user location or hardware vendor.





Auto-Topology Network Layout …

The Byte25 Endpoint Dashboard now provides an auto-topology layout feature. The auto-topology representation graphically allows for a snapshot of Endpoint and WiFi performance at a glance.

The automatically generated network topology diagrams can be configured to show devices by subnet, by WiFi network (SSID) or by WiFi Access Point (BSSID). The subnet view quickly isolates subnets or sites that may be causing issues allowing analysis of site performance in relation sto each other. Similarly the WiFi network view shows potentilly underperforming WiFi networks as well as showing where each endpoint is connected. Lastly, the Access Point view can show potentially faulty or out of date access points as well as a logical representation of access points to WiFi networks which is particularly useful when diagniosing issues in meshed WiFi networks.

The auto-topology network view provides the flexibility to monitor your entire network infrastructure from simple home networks right through to complex meshed WiFi environments.


Real-time and Historical Endpoint Metrics …

Detailled real-time and historical metrics are available by selecting indivdual endpoints to display the Endpoint Summary view. The screenshot below shows a sample of an endpoint summary screen with real time statistics such as WiFi quality, signal level, attached WiFi network, attached access point, channel and frequency and errors.

The Summary View also shows historical statistics relating to WiFi quality and attached access point. The sample below shows a device that is consistently toggling between access points – this style of access point toggling is very common in corporate meshed WiFi environments and can considerably impact end user experience. This historical view allows easy correlation between attached access point and WiFi quality, again the sample below clearly shows a significant drop in WiFi quality as different access points are attached.



The Byte25 Endpoint Agent also delivers comprehensive Application Experience monitoring through customisable synthetic transactions. The Application Experience module continuously connects to corporate web-based applications to identify potential network or application issues that may affect end user performance. Used in conjunction with WiFi monitoring, this provides the highest level of visibility for network administrators to maintain operational performance.


Given the prevalence of WiFi issues for remote & work-from-home users, the Byte25 Endpoint Experience Dashboard should be the first port of call for network administrators to turn when users experience poor performance…