Endpoint Agent for Visibility of Remote Users

Users working from home present unique challenges for MSPs and IT teams. A lack of visibility of remote environments makes troubleshooting of connectivity & performance issues difficult. The Byte25 Endpoint Agent provides visibility of the remote variables, such as WiFi performance, cloud based application experience and remote device metrics that impact user experience.

The Byte25 Endpoint Agent allows you to maintain a high quality user experience for your remote users.



Monitoring the Issues Effecting Remote Users

⦿  Continuously measure WiFi quality performance

⦿  Assess real performance of in-house and cloud based applications

⦿  Improve user experience for work from home users

⦿  Collect endpoint hardware metrics that impact performance

⦿  Significantly reduce troublshooting time

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Most performance issues for remote users occur on their local infrastructue. The Byte25 Endpoint Agent provides vsisbility ‘behind the firewall’ to assess and diagnose local issues, such as WiFi, that effect remote user experience.

The Byte25 Endpoint Agent continuously endpoint performance data back to the Byte25 SaaS platform. The Byte25 SaaS platform is a multi-tenanted solution designed for MSP’s allowing visibility of all your clients from a single dashboard.

WiFi Monitoring

Ensuring performance & availability by continuously monitoring key WiFi metrics:

    • WiFi quality
    • Signal strength
    • Connected access point
    • Connected network
    • Dropped frames and errors

Application Experience

Maintaining user experience by monitoing the application journey:

    • In-house or cloud based applications
    • Real time and historical reporting
    • Synthetic transactions to mimic user behaviour
    • Identify weakest compoent of application journey (DNS lookup, encryption time, content transfer, application server response)

Endpoint Metrics

Identifying issue in endpoint hardware that impact user experience:

    • Endpoint information (IP & MAC address, manufacturer, CPU type, operating system patch levels …)
    • Logged-in user
    • CPU utilisation
    • Memory usage
    • Disk capacity and usage

End user experience is arguably the most important measure to assess performance of IT infrastructure. Poor end user experience and frustrated users significantly impact productivity and can have a significant effect on revenue.

The Byte25 Endpoint Agent delivers detailed information of system, WiFi, network and application performance from the end user point of view. The Byte25 Endpoint Agent is a lightweight agent installed on endpoints providing continuous visisbility via the Byte25 SaaS web platform.

The Byte25 Endpoint Agent is scalable and easily deployed across multiple endpoints for complete visibility across the entire IT environment. Byte25 agents support a range of operating systems including Windows, Linux and MacOS.

* Minimum 10 agents bundle. May be deployed across mutiple clients. Contact Byte25 for volume pricing.

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