Byte25 Quick Start Guides

Start here if you want to get up and running quickly and easily. The quick start guides will walk you through basic installatin and configuration to get your appliance up and running is matter of minutes.

Byte25 Appliance Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Byte25 API

The Byte25 API allows you to interact with our system programmatically from your own application. The API allows you to perform configuration changes and access reporting information.

The API attempts to conform to the RESTful design principles. You interact with the resources exposed via the API by accessing resource URIs using the HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE). Sinefa accepts and returns JSON data via the API.

You’ll likely need access to a web developer or programmer (if you’re not one) to get the most use out of the API.

Byte25 API (version 1.0.0)