Endpoint Agent Download & Installation

.The Byte25 Endpoint Agent provides deep insight into  end user experience measuring the application journey from ‘Enter key’ to the Application and back monitoring the key elements that effect performance.


Byte25 Endpoint Agent for Windows

The Byte25 Endpoint Agent for Windows is a self executing installer that will install the Byte25 Endpoint Agent as a service for Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 & Windows Server 2022. (Version 2.5.0 Updated 12 June 2024)

Installing Byte25 Endpoint Agent for Windows

1. Download and Unzip Self Extracting Binary

Once downloaded, the Byte25 Endpoint Agent for Windows needs to be unzipped to create the self installing executable Byte25 Agent installer.exe

2. Install the Byte25 Endpoint Agent

Double click on the executable to start the installation. Note that on some Windows environments, an error stating that Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

If this occurs, select the ‘More Info” tab which will show more information about the app and allow you to continue by selecting “Run Anyway”.

The installer process should start. Again, some Windows settings mat prevent the installer completing due to the Defender Anti-Virus settings. if this occurs, the anti-virus settings can be temporarily disabled by turning off Real Time Protection & Cloud Delivered Protection in the Windows Defender Threat & Anti-Virus Protection settings

 3. Configure the Endpoint Agent

As part of the installation, the installer will prompt for a Customer ID and a Byte25 Cloud Server URL. These are the settings that allow data to be transmitted and analysed by the Byte25 Cloud Servers.

You should have  have already received a unique Customer ID and Byte25 Cloud Server URL which can be entered here. If you need a new Customer ID or Cloud Server URL, please contact Byte25 customer support at support@byte25.com.

(Note that the Cloud URL needs the address only – no http:// or https://)

 4. Confirm the Service is Running

The Byte25 Endpoint Agent runs as a Windows service. It should install and start automatically, however it may need to be started manually on first install. 

Check the service is running in the Windows Services, and if not simply start the service. The Endpoint agnet should restart auitomatically on boot.

 5. Log Into the Byte25 Cloud Server & Confirm Agent is Visible

The Byte25 Endpoint Agent transmit data to the cloud server every 5 minutes. To check that the agent uis visible log nto the Byte25 Cloud Console and navigate to the Admin->Endpoint view.

If the agent is visble you should see a new entry with the IP address on the Windows machine and other information such as last heartbeat and serial number.

To confirm that the agent is transmitting data, simply navaigate to the Performance ->Endpoint Experience view and select the entry for the new installed agent.  Performance ans status information should appear 5 minutes after installation.

Scripted or Unattended Installation of Byte25 Endpoint Agent

For Byte25 Endpoint Agent deployment to multiple machines, it is likely that the installation via the install wizard as described above will be problematic. For bulk deployment there is an automated process whereby the Customer ID and Byte25 Cloud Server URL an be passed in as command line parameters bypassing the install wizard.

The available command line parameters are as follows:

Byte25AgentInstaller.exe [intallmode][options]


Install Mode
/silent – installs automatically while showing progress bar of install
/verysilent – installs automatically with no progress bar (completely hidden)

/customer=[customer ID] – sets the Byte25 Customer ID
/server=[server URL] – sets the Byte25 Cloud Server URL

For example, if the Customer ID is 123456 and the cloud server URL is cloud.byte25.com, the unattended installation command would be:

Byte25AgentInstall.exe /verysilent /customer=123456 /server=cloud.byte25.com

If you encounter any issues with installation and configuration, please contact Byte25 support at support@byte25.com. We are always happy to assist and organise a remote desktopor teams session to help you get up and running with a minum of fuss.